What Are Some Must-Have Features for Your Commercial Security?

Protect your commercial property by adding these security features

What Are Some Must-Have Features for Your Commercial Security?

It is your responsibility to protect your employees and ensure that your commercial property is safe from internal and external threats. But to do so, you need to integrate advanced security features that offer more than just detection and allow you to become proactive.

Read on to discover the top 3 elements of a commercial security system that can keep your Katy, TX, business away from harm.


1. Access Control

In the modern world, the use of conventional locks and keys is no longer sufficient in providing protection. Instead, advanced access control solutions are needed.

With access control, you can permit and restrict access more efficiently. In most cases, keycards are provided to employees and visitors to enter the premises of a building. However, biometric verification is an even better option as it completely eliminates the risk of intrusion. In this case, thumbprint verification or scanning of facial features is required, essentially making access control keyless.

Moreover, you also get a detailed overview of employee activities and can protect sensitive areas of your company with limited access based on job role, location and time. 

2. Surveillance System

No security system can ever be completed without surveillance. A surveillance system allows you to keep a tab on your commercial property 24/7.

Connect your security cameras to an intrusion detection system, allowing you to receive alerts on your mobile device if any suspicious activities are spotted. If an intruder ever manages to break into your building, you can watch their every move using the surveillance system and let authorities know. This will help police or other relevant authorities to take action accordingly. Additionally, in case of incidents of theft, the surveillance footage can be used as evidence during investigations.

3. Emergency Notification System

Emergency situations occur without prior notice. But as a business owner, it is your job to stay prepared for all situations and protect as many lives as possible.

Sometimes, it is crucial to get your message across to employees so they can get valuable information quickly. Instead of relying on smartphones and messaging everyone individually, you can broadcast emergency messages throughout the building using an emergency notification system.

For instance, if a fire breaks out, you can provide instructions to employees for evacuation and notify them about the areas already affected by the fire so they can avoid such routes.

ASAP Security Services can help you integrate these elements flawlessly. We use products from the top brands that offer foolproof security and safety. Call (877) 418-ASAP or fill out our contact form to get started. 


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