Top 4 Reasons Why Your Commercial Property Needs Access Control

Enhance your property’s security with access control

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Commercial Property Needs Access Control

Access control allows you to grant access to a selected number of people to your commercial property. Instead of using conventional lock and key, this system uses different methods for entry, including biometric verification, keycards, PIN codes, passwords, and ticketing systems. 

If your commercial space in the Woodlands, TX, does not have this security system yet, read on to find out the top four reasons you should add one. 


1. Crime Prevention

Access control systems are great for preventing crimes. They ensure that only authorized employees, guests, and visitors access your property. No intruders can enter your space without prior permission. 

This helps in preventing crimes. You can even pair your access control system with alarm management for maximized security. If someone ever tries to break-in, the alarm system will alert you by sending notifications. 

2. Convenient Solution

While keycard access is a great solution, if the visitors or staff members lose their keys or they get stolen, you have to make a replacement key. But the latest security systems allow you to go completely keyless. 

Instead of using keys, you can give guests, visitors, and employees PIN codes through which they can enter the building. Biometric verification is also possible, but the most convenient solution is unlocking doors via smartphones. You can allow tenants or regular employees to use this system. For visitors, you can use virtual keys or passes for entry. 

3. Fire Safety

You can integrate fire safety along with your access control system. If the fire alarm goes off or the sprinkler system is activated, your access control system will automatically open all doors. It allows all the people inside to leave the premises immediately. It also ensures that firefighters and other safety personnel can enter the building to keep the situation under control. 

4. Traffic Monitoring

By keeping track of every person entering or leaving the building, you can easily monitor traffic. Keep track of employee activity during working hours and review which employees were present at the site in case of any accidents. You’ll also be able to track the number of guests that visited on a particular day and the most popular areas they visited. 

Are you interested in incorporating access control into your commercial space in The Woodlands, TX? ASAP Security Services has the best solutions in store for you. We provide all kinds of security systems, including access control, fire alarms, and more. 

Get started on your project today by giving us a call at (877) 418-ASAP. You can also fill out an easy online contact form to get more details. 


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