Our Complete Guide to School Emergency Notification Systems

Answering FAQs about Mass Notification Systems

Our Complete Guide to School Emergency Notification Systems

ASAP Security Services has been in business since 1947, first operating as a simple alarm company. We’ve evolved over the years, and today, we help schools and businesses stay safe through alarms, cameras, automated locks, and mass notification systems.

Emergency notification systems inform everyone in schools by deploying voice messages, calls, or text messages to all necessary contacts. So if there’s any critical information that parents, staff, or even students should know, administrators can share messaging instantly. 

We’ve written many articles about emergency notification systems in our security blog. All you need to know for your Austin, TX school can be found in our guides below. Click on whichever articles interest you—there’s lots of helpful information to be found! 

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How Do Emergency Notification Systems Work? 

A school notification system includes a database of teacher, parent, and student information with names, email addresses, phone numbers, and emergency contacts. When the notification system is activated, you can send alerts to thousands of people at once, using custom messaging or built-in templates. The system can be accessed remotely, too, so alerts can be shared even if no one is at school. 

What Challenges Do a Notification System Solve? 

Schools can use communication systems any way they choose. But we’ve found three common ways they can improve communication in K-12 schools and universities. 

First, you can use the system to inform faculty about internal meetings, school closures, and delays. Next, in the event of emergencies and threats, responders can contact the authorities—like the police or fire department–immediately. Lastly, district-wide communication keeps parents of all schools up-to-date, simplifying processes for administrators. 

How Can Mass Notification Improve School Communication? 

Mass messaging doesn’t have to be limited to emergencies only. While administration should take care not to bombard teachers, parents, and students with too much information, there are many ways to use notification systems for day-to-day updates, like delays, vacations, early dismissals, and events. 

How Do Notification Systems Make Schools Safer? 

Whether there’s a weather emergency or an intruder at school, school is safer when everyone is made aware and on the same page. Multi-channel communication ensures no message is missed, sharing information through calls, texts, social media, and other platforms. Panic buttons make activation instant, and digital signage can display critical information inside and outside the school building. 


Could your Austin-area school system benefit from emergency and mass notification? You’ll find it’s easier than ever (and therefore much less stressful) to share information with parents, faculty, and older students. 


To learn more about implementing a notification system, contact ASAP Security Services here for a no-obligation consultation. We’d love to hear more about your school and how we can help! 


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