Keep Your Your Commercial Space Safe with a Gunshot Detection System

It’s better to have it and not needing it, than needing it and not having it!

Keep Your Your Commercial Space Safe with a Gunshot Detection System

Mass shooters are cowards. We all know that. Sadly, they are also a constant worry in our country, and your best line of defense is to proactively prepare against them. 

At ASAP Security Services, we understand the importance of protecting your commercial spaces and the people in them. Whether you run a shop, an office building or a school, you need to maintain the safety of your property and the best way to keep your peace of mind is knowing everyone around you is safe and sound. That’s why we have been offering the latest security systems in Conroe, TX, since 1947.

A gunshot detection system is one of the best ways to strengthen your defenses. Thankfully, we have ample experience in protecting businesses ranging from workplaces to schools and government buildings.

Here are a few examples of gunshot detection systems minimizing damage and neutralizing and redirecting attackers in the event of a shooting.

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Recognize a Threat and React Efficiently

When it comes to business and school security during active shootings, the first step is recognizing a threat. Next, a gunshot detection system must pinpoint the exact location of gunfire. 

Our line of solutions includes zero false read technology, dual validation, and an analysis of energy levels and waveforms to differentiate gunshots from similar sounds, so you can be sured that there’s never a false alarm.

Sound, acoustic, infrared, and optical sensors play a part in gunshot detection as well, allowing for both real-time monitoring and reporting to response centers. These reports include ballistic data, which is automatically shared with law enforcement and emergency services. 

Redirecting and Controlling Active Shooters

Fully integrated security systems provide mass notifications that include gunshot detection and mapping. 

When combined with remote access control, system managers can lock target areas and redirect an attacker while simultaneously notifying authorities. 

In case of school emergencies, integrated security systems will notify interested parties about unification strategies and locations.  

Why ASAP? 

The process of selecting a security provider to prevent shootings and monitor active situations is not easy. 

At ASAP, we have the experience and brand partnerships to provide industry-leading integrated solutions to deter, detect, mitigate, and manage violent threats in businesses and schools. 

We also understand the nuances of installing leading brands like Avigilon,, and Bosch and effectively integrating them into even the most complex systems.

When optimizing security at your school or business, there is no substitute for professional installation, management, and monitoring. So, why not contact our experts to learn how they can help?

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