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Is Your Commercial Video Surveillance Up to the Task?

Learn how ASAP Security Systems can protect your property more effectively than other companies on the market.

Is Your Commercial Video Surveillance Up to the Task?

Safety and security in our shared spaces has never been more important. It’s easy to look at the news and feel overwhelmed, like there’s nothing anyone can do about threats to personal safety. But ASAP Security is here to step up the safety in schools, government buildings, and businesses throughout Houston, Texas. We offer a variety of innovative services to help property, people and communities stay .safe, as well as help, de-escalate any imminent dangers. One of our primary tools is commercial video surveillance. 

Read on to learn more about how commercial video surveillance and maintaining your camera system are critical for implementing safety procedures.


Cameras That Don’t Sleep

You may already have a security guard in place, but let’s face it: humans can miss things. We can blink or get tired and lapse in our observations of our surroundings. But you know what never sleeps? Cameras. Never miss a single thing with top-notch commercial video surveillance that allows you to see live footage of what’s happening anywhere in or around the building.

Your commercial video surveillance system allows you to check in on footage from anywhere in the world, with lens control to address blind spots. High-resolution quality not only creates the ultimate visibility, but it allows for advanced features like facial and license plate recognition to immediately flag dangers on your perimeter. 

Controlled Entry into The Building

Your first line of defense is controlling who has access to the building. As an administrator, you’ll want to know exactly who is coming and going at all times. You can easily accomplish this with electronic locks at controlled entry points that can be managed remotely. You can grant special access as necessary, like for maintenance crews or special guests. 

By tying your commercial video surveillance into your access control, you can bolster your security even further. Have clear visibility of anyone approaching your building and receive alerts—with video snippets attached—in case of any suspicious activity. This ensures you can have a proactive response to any incidents on your property. 

A Reliably Maintained Camera System 

While most building, school, or office managers know the importance of updating and maintaining systems like AV, networking, and alarm systems, cameras often go unattended. It’s easy for them to become a set them and forget them technology. 

Any issues with your surveillance cameras, though, will immediately affect safety. When these cameras are regularly inspected by a professional maintenance crew, you can rest assured that no small detail will ever be missed. 

Our security professionals will ensure all cameras are properly aimed and calibrated, clean the equipment for optimal resolution, and check all IP connections for strength, speed and security. This can be done on an annual, monthly, or quarterly basis based on your property needs. 

Upgrade Your Commercial Video Surveillance Today

Unfortunately, advanced commercial video surveillance systems are necessary in this day and age. Make sure yours is expertly installed and maintained by ASAP Security Systems. We can help you maintain your camera system with regularly scheduled visits to inspect the software and make any tweaks as necessary. Call us today or fill out a contact form online.

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