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Is a Key Fob System the Right Access Control Solution for Your Business?

Key fob systems are easy to use, manage, and scale for businesses of all sizes

Is a Key Fob System the Right Access Control Solution for Your Business?

If your Bellaire, TX, business is considering an access control solution for enhanced security, you have multiple options available. Facial or fingerprint recognition, keypad access, mobile access, keycard access — these are a few of the most popular keyless entry systems businesses deploy to control traffic flow and monitor traffic in and out of their locations.

Commercial key fob door lock systems are among the most common access control solutions used in businesses of all sizes. Why? Primarily, they’re easy to set up, manage, and scale for multiple applications. Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of a key fob system to determine if it’s the right fit for your business needs.

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The Pros of a Key Fob Solution

Key fob systems use radio frequency identification (RFID) to communicate with electronic locks. RFID key fobs are a mainstay in commercial access control for numerous reasons.

  • Easy and convenient use. Key fobs are more convenient for staff members to use than fumbling with a physical key. All it takes is a quick pass of the fob over a reader to trigger the electronic door lock. And staff members don’t need to worry about relocking doors behind them — after entry, the electronic lock will return the door to its locked position.
  • Straightforward implementation. Key fob systems are straightforward to implement with little training required for staff.
  • Personalized access. Fob systems offer businesses plenty of flexibility for granting access on an individualized basis. Key fobs can be programmed with time restrictions and specific location permissions according to a staff member’s seniority, job position or work schedule.
  • Centralized access and management. Access and manage key fob permissions on a centralized system, vastly simplifying the process of tracking who has access to your buildings. When a new employee begins, old employee leaves or current employee loses their fob, an administrator can easily grant or remove access on the backend. Additionally, system administrators can document entries and exits to analyze patterns or abnormalities on an individual or mass scale.
  • Excellent scalability. Key fob systems are easy to scale as businesses grow or add temp workers and vendors who need limited access.

The Drawbacks of Key Fobs

Commercial key fob door lock systems include a few drawbacks your business should keep in mind.

  • Key fobs are more expensive than physical keys — operating costs can add up quickly as businesses grow larger and require more fobs, or if companies find themselves frequently replacing lost key fobs.
  • If a physical lock malfunctions, you can call a locksmith to resolve the issue. If an electronic lock malfunctions, you’ll have to call an IT expert with experience in access control systems. This can become a pain point for businesses that don’t have an internal IT team with the proper expertise. Furthermore, in a centralized system, one issue could snarl the entire system and impact all door locks and card readers.
  • Key fobs can be hacked. Many key fobs don’t have robust, embedded encryption and security features, and advanced hackers can use key programming tools to reprogram fobs for their own purposes.

Ready to Make a Decision?

If you need help choosing the right access control system for your Bellaire, TX, business, ASAP Security Services can guide you through the process from start to finish — including monitoring and maintaining your system. We have years of experience designing, installing and integrating security and surveillance systems in commercial and public organizations of all sizes.

Let’s get started identifying your business needs – call us at 877-418-ASAP or fill out a contact form to set up a consultation with our team.

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