Improve School Communications With a Mass Notifications System

Emergency notification systems enable school administrators, parents, teachers and students to communicate more effectively and consistently

Improve School Communications With a Mass Notifications System

It takes a village to raise a child and the school system is an integral part of that village. Good communication between parents, students, teachers, and staff members is a difficult but necessary task to ensure that our country’s kids are learning, thriving and safe at school.

During the average school year in Bellaire, TX, there may be multiple occasions where school administrators need to send messages to different groups of people within the school community. Emergencies like severe weather, illness outbreak, or a school shooting require quick and effective communications delivered to hundreds of people to protect the safety of students.

Emergency notification systems that send real-time notifications to large groups of people are efficient tools that school administrators can wield to improve communications. Keep reading to learn more.    

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Day-to-Day Communications

Despite the name, emergency notification systems can be utilized for multiple notifications, not just emergency ones. And while administrators should be careful not to bombard teachers, parents, and students with messages, strategically using a mass notification system to keep the community up-to-date on relevant information and announcements can help build positive, trustworthy relationships. Consistent communications give parents the chance to feel more engaged and involved in the school community.

Notification systems can be used to send:

  • Fundraiser announcements
  • PTA announcements
  • School picture day reminders
  • A schedule of school and sporting events
  • Registration or sign-up deadlines
  • Report card notices
  • Early dismissal reminders
  • Event cancellations

Multi-Channel Communications

Mass notifications can be sent through email, text message, phone call, push notifications, or even social media. Multi-channel options allow administrators to choose the most effective communication platform for the message they’re sending. Additionally, administrators can send notifications to multiple channels at once, ensuring that people on the receiving end see timely messages quickly regardless of which communication platform they’re most comfortable using.    

Audience Segmentation

Effective communication involves putting the right information in front of the right people. In many situations that require mass notifications, different groups of people will play different roles and therefore need separate instructions or messages. Take the example of a school shooting. If a shooter enters school grounds, teachers must be notified immediately to lock classroom doors and gather their students in the safest area possible. School staff members must receive instructions to activate school-wide lockdown measures; call the authorities and find a safe place. And parents need consistent updates to know the immediate steps they should take during and after the situation.

Mass communication systems allow administrators to segment audiences by location or job title and create different messages per grouping. During an emergency, segmentation ensures that all community members are only receiving the information relevant to them.


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