How to Enjoy Hands-Off Control in Your Smart Home

Integrate Voice Control, Sensors, and Schedules in Your Home Automation System

How to Enjoy Hands-Off Control in Your Smart Home

Every smart device seems to boast the benefits of app control, but the real perk of a home automation system is being able to go completely hands-off when needed. A truly integrated home can anticipate your needs and act accordingly, without you having to do anything.

Want to wake up to the same song and lighting every morning? Are you struggling with technology when your hands are full of groceries or busy doing another activity? Our technology solutions lend a helping hand throughout the day in your Memorial, TX home.

In this blog, we highlight three features that optimize hands-off control of your space and offer common uses for each.

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Although primarily associated with security systems, sensors work for a wide range of applications in your home. Add occupancy sensors that turn on lights and lower the thermostat when you enter a room, then switch back to energy-saving mode when you leave. Employ sunlight sensors that close shades when windows are hit directly by sunlight to eliminate heat gain and glare. Some sensors even recognize excess water or moisture and immediately shut off your water main to avoid flooding.

Scheduled Scenes

Do you stick to regular routines? Save your favorite settings for a wide range of activities and have them activate automatically at the appropriate time. Design a wake-up scene that opens the shades, raises the thermostat and plays a special playlist each morning. If you always leave the house at the same time, use an away scene that locks all doors, turns off lights and sets the alarm a few minutes after you depart. Landscape lighting uses an astronomical clock to turn on in the evenings and turn off the following day.

Voice Control

Even though it’s not automated like the first two pieces of technology in this blog, voice control is a vital hands-off component in any home automation system. Embrace the convenience of a virtual assistant that follows your every command. Naturally adjust lights and music while cooking without worrying about dirtying a touchpad or remote. Lay comfortably in bed and tell your thermostat to lower and all doors to lock as you settle in for the night. It’s easy to incorporate scenes to prepare for movie night, going to bed or leaving the house with one command.

Are you ready to embrace the ultimate luxury of hands-off control in your home? Reach out to one of our technology experts by calling (877) 418-ASAP, filling out our contact form, or chatting with a representative below.

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