How Schools Can Utilize Emergency Notification Systems in the Time of COVID-19

As a new school year begins amid uncertainty, mass notifications can help schools quickly disseminate critical information

How Schools Can Utilize Emergency Notification Systems in the Time of COVID-19

The beginning of school this year looks like nothing we’ve ever seen before. School administrators, teachers, students and parents are fighting to find solutions that prioritize safety and allow for students to return to in-person classes. Despite fears of the virus, many parents are worried that closing school doors would leave students falling behind in their education and feeling isolated.

In Waco and across the State of Texas, the decision to reopen schools has been placed largely in the hands of individual school districts and local leaders. One tool that every school should employ to help distribute virus-related information during the school year is an emergency notification system. With mass notifications via text, email, push notifications, phone calls, and social media, administrators can make sure the parents, students, and teachers in the school community remain informed on reopening policies and procedures.

Keep reading to learn more about how emergency notification systems can facilitate effective coronavirus communications.  

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Keep Parents Informed

When the school year kicks off, school administrators and staff will likely be overwhelmed with phone calls and emails from concerned parents. Schools can use mass notifications to mitigate the flood of questions and ensure that all parents have the information they need to make the right choices for their children and families.

Notifications can be sent via text, email, push notifications, phone, social media, or all five platforms to inform parents:

  • Where they can find information on reopening policies and the safety measures schools are taking to protect students
  • The phone number or email they can use if they have questions or concerns
  • How they can sign their children up for virtual learning
  • The steps they should take if their child or another family member in the household gets sick

Additionally, schools can take the extra step to help parents get the information they need by sending links to helpful resources like signs and symptoms of the virus to look out for and measures to keep their children healthy at home.

Effective communication can help lessen the confusion, panic, and anxiety parents are experiencing right now and ensure a smoother reopening for Texas schools.   

Communicate Evolving Information Quickly

Managing the COVID-19 pandemic and outbreaks of the virus is a continually evolving situation. Emergency notification systems allow school administrators to disseminate information quickly and efficiently to the appropriate groups of people when things shift suddenly. We already see schools around the country abruptly change course and shutter in-person classes when students or teachers test positive for the virus.

With mass notifications, administrators can alert the campus community if students or teachers have tested positive for coronavirus or if the school is closing in-person classes. Administrators can also let parents, students, and teachers know if schools are enacting new safety measures like mandatory masks or fever screenings

The ability to send messages through multiple channels ensures that everyone receives current information as soon as possible. Receiving timely communications is crucial during the pandemic because school closures require parents to figure out childcare options and teachers to prepare for virtual teaching.


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