How High-Quality Intercoms Secure and Increase Communications at Schools and Businesses

Intercom Systems Offer Mass Notifications and Link With Access Controls

How High-Quality Intercoms Secure and Increase Communications at Schools and Businesses

With all the minute details involved in the daily operations of schools, healthcare facilities, and large-scale businesses, it’s easy to let a piece of equipment that’s been functioning as intended remain in use, despite technological advancements that have made it all but a relic. 

At ASAP Security Services, we regularly speak with businesses about their commercial intercom systems in Austin, TX. They don’t know about the changes to the industry and what an upgrade could mean to their security and communications network. So, let’s look at what today’s commercial intercom system offers different operations. 

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Upgraded Commercial Intercom Systems in Schools

From primary schools to college campuses, educational institutions find today’s intercom systems allow them to operate at maximum efficiency. Two-way communications mean room-to-room and room-to-office quick and easy communication, which is vital for teachers and staff who may need emergency notification and assistance. 

These systems also allow for immediate notification in case of an emergency. Whether a parent needs to speak with a child due to a family emergency, a staff member is in crisis, or an active shooter is in the area, the ability to provide immediate messaging is vital in today’s environment. In cases of extreme emergency, these systems also link to security systems, locking down doors and activating sirens.

Universities use these systems at the blue-light emergency stations, providing immediate contact with security officers.

Their day-to-day use also makes managing schedules and communications easier, with intercoms acting as a paging speaker. These systems can follow a pre-programmed break and class schedule, setting off the bells and any pre-programmed messages.In addition, these systems can cover an entire school ground, enabling mass communications with one push of a button.

The Latest Intercom Technology in Businesses 

Protecting your staff and installing adequate access control is important now, more than ever. In 2020, Texas reported 34 mass shootings that injured 124 people and killed 37.

By incorporating a surveillance system and two-way intercom, your staff can see who is behind the door as well as speak to them. This level of security keeps unauthorized individuals or those with ill-intent off the premises, empowering staff. 

Should a person still attempt entry, the system initiates a lockdown, protecting those inside while setting off alarms that contact local law enforcement and act as a deterrent. In case of an emergency, intercoms enable building-wide notification. 

Many of our clients are surprised at the difference in staff productivity following intercom installations and integrated security. Not only do they boost company communication, but knowing an employer will go the extra mile to protect them brings a sense of brand loyalty and improves the way they see the business and their position. 

Today’s commercial systems can utilize an unlimited number of intercoms, covering a vast area. Whether used in multiple buildings, outdoors, or in remote areas, these intercoms provide the rapid communication schools and businesses require. Wireless and wired solutions mean solid connections and extended range.

As the security industry has evolved, schools and businesses have integrated several layers of protection, including intercoms, surveillance systems, and access control. At ASAP Security Services, we pride ourselves on offering each client the customized solution that best fits their security needs. For more information or to request a complimentary consultation, contact ASAP Security Services today. 

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