How Gunshot Detection Helps the Police Respond to School Shootings

Gunshot detection technology ensures that officers have the information they need to de-escalate a dangerous shooting situation quickly

How Gunshot Detection Helps the Police Respond to School Shootings

Although it’s not a pleasant thought, school shootings are an all-too-common and tragic occurrence in Corpus Christi, Texas, and across the United States. It’s terrifying to think of an armed person entering a school where hundreds of young children are receiving their education.

In a world where gun violence has skyrocketed over the past several years, schools should be taking a hard look at the safety measures they have in place to protect students, teachers, and staff in the event of a school shooting. A gunshot detection system uses advanced technology to ensure that gunshots are identified and reported to law enforcement agencies within minutes of the incident. Keep reading to learn how gunshot detection technology helps the police find and detain a shooter on campus.  

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A Fast and Efficient Response

Swift action is critical when a gun is fired on a school campus with hundreds of children, teachers, and staff in the area. Once the system registers a loud noise, it could respond in two ways. First, the system may send an alert to the vendor’s incident center, where the noise is verified as a gunshot by acoustic experts, and the information is rapidly sent to the police. Second, the system may send an alert directly to local law enforcement officers for immediate dispatch.

Within minutes, police officers are on their way to the school to find and arrest the shooter. Gunshot detection technology is more reliable than depending on a witness to call in an incident. Witnesses may be uncertain about what they heard, hesitant to call the police, or they may not have a phone on hand to call immediately.    

Accurate Assessment of the Situation

Gunshot detection systems can provide relevant information and context to law enforcement officers rushing to the scene. Unfortunately, witnesses to the shooting incident may be too frightened to remember specific details, or they may have heard a shot across campus without seeing who was wielding the gun. Additionally, interviewing witnesses on arrival takes precious time away from the police finding and apprehending a dangerous shooter.

With sensitive microphone sensors and advanced soundwave analysis, gunshot detection technology can determine:

  • The exact time a shot was fired
  • The precise location of the shooting
  • The number of shots fired
  • The type of gun used

With this information in hand, law enforcement can hit the ground running as soon as they arrive at the school.

Video Surveillance Assistance

Advanced gunshot detection systems are integrated with campus-wide surveillance cameras that immediately activate when a gunshot triggers the system. This aids law enforcement officers, who can use live stream video footage to track a shooter moving around campus. The more helpful tools and information the police have at their disposal, the faster they’re able to find and contain a threatening figure on campus.    

When it comes to school safety and protecting our society’s most precious members, it’s always better to take proactive measures to prevent tragedy. Now is the time to implement a gunshot detection system in your Corpus Christi, TX, school. Call ASAP Security Services at 877-418-ASAP or fill out a contact form to schedule a consultation.

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