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How an Access Control System Offers Foolproof Security

Create a safe working space for employees with controlled access

How an Access Control System Offers Foolproof Security

Access control is one of the most popular security solutions used in commercial spaces. As the name suggests, it allows you to grant or restrict access to a room, building, or area.

Based on the information provided, the access system either unlocks the doors or restricts entry. Typically, organizations use keycards or PIN codes that allow entry to employees and visitors. However, biometric verification can also be used.

Regardless of which type of system you implement, the functionality of this commercial security solution remains unmatched. Read on to discover how it can benefit your Katy, TX, business.


Security Beyond Conventional Lock and Key

How does an access control help you avoid the pitfalls associated with lock and key installations? 

In the case of keycards, employees can scan their cards on the card reader, and it will unlock the door immediately. If the keycard gets lost, workers can report to the office and the card can be blocked right away to prevent misuse, a feat not possible in conventional locks. If the key is lost, the entire lock must be replaced, which can be costly.

Additionally, if you implement biometric access systems, no one will ever need to worry about losing their key in the first place. The keyless solution allows your body to become the key for entry. Facial recognition and thumbprint verification are some of the best examples of biometric access systems.

A Complete Record of Employee and Visitor Activity

Access systems allow you to keep track of employee activity. When someone enters a space, they scan their card or thumbprint on the scanner. Consequently, their information gets stored in the database. An access log can tell you which employees came late or left earlier than usual. This information becomes especially valuable in case of incidents. You can get a complete record of all the workers present on site during a robbery or emergency. 

Eliminates the Need for Manual Attendance

Besides being a fundamental element of commercial security, access systems are also efficient and eliminate the need for manual attendance records. Instead, all workers entering the office will have their attendance marked automatically once their information is scanned. It eliminates human errors and makes payroll generation much easier and more efficient.

Access control is the ultimate security solution that allows you to keep your business safe from intruders. Plus, you can always be aware of your employee’s activities throughout the day. 

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