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Does Your School Need an Emergency Notification System?

4 Ways Your School Can Benefit from Mass Communications Solutions

Does Your School Need an Emergency Notification System?

How does your school handle emergencies? Of course, you have plans for various situations, from weather events to fire to incidents of violence. In all those events, disseminating correct and timely information is vital for safety and mitigating dangers. That's where emergency notification systems come in. Emergency and mass notification systems use multiple communication channels to keep all constituents informed of a situation, what to do, and what not to do. 

Let's explore how Katy, TX schools can use emergency notification solutions below. 

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First, mass notification systems are useful in non-emergency situations, too. For example, upcoming inclement weather may force school closings, delayed start times, or altered hours. Mass notification can alert staff, students and parents of the latest information. Perhaps some staff will need to come in, but students and teachers don’t. Or a school has an unexpected issue with an HVAC system or power outage that might force a temporary shutdown. Mass notification can send the right messages to all groups with instructions on what to do and what happens next. 

Customized Messages

If a school has a fire situation that demands an evacuation for safety, you’ll want to notify all parties with the right message. Students can be instructed as to exits and gathering locations. Teachers can get explicit instructions on handling their immediate class. Parents can get notified of the situation and what they can do to pick up their children. The local press can receive a tailored message with relevant facts to keep the community informed. 

Multi-Channel Communication

Modern systems can deliver information quickly to all parties. With so many people with mobile devices, apps on major platforms like iOS and Android offer richer information as well as two-way communication for emergencies and reporting. Email, text messaging, and social media are other avenues for messages. Prebuilt templates customizable for the situation also speed information dissemination and delivery.


Location tracking on mobile devices has privacy implications, but it can be incredibly useful in life-threatening situations. In an emergency with violence, fire, or disaster, knowing where students and staff are physically located can help in delivering pertinent communication expeditiously and effectively. Delivering the right message via a mobile app notification or text message to students and staff in a particular location within a building or campus can enable them to make the right moves toward safety while not confusing or alarming other areas of the school campus. 

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