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Can Your School Security System Protect You from Coronavirus?

Explore the Ways Traditional Security Features Can Prevent an Outbreak

Can Your School Security System Protect You from Coronavirus?

Most administrators have physical threats in mind when they invest in school security systems. The priority is preventing intruders or quickly containing violent students. However, these aren't the only risks your Rio Grande Valley, TX school, needs to take into consideration. Even the most basic systems already take other environmental threats like storms or fires into account.

With coronavirus spreading in the United States, it’s also important to consider how your school security could be a proactive tool to curb its spread on your campus. Some go-to security features like access control, mass notification systems and video surveillance can be used in unique ways to protect your students and staff. Our security experts have outlined some tips below.

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Access Control

Fighting disease is all about limiting exposure for all your students and staff. Coronavirus spreads through particles from coughing and sneezing. However, it is not airborne. You can't just breathe it in. You’d have to touch the particles directly to be infected. You’re most at risk if you touch a surface that has some of these particles, then touch your mouth, nose or eyes. Employing automated access control features, you’ll be able to reduce the number of people directly touching your primary entry points. Now, you can manage locks through keycards or mobile apps that don’t require direct contact with the door to mitigate some of the risks associated with coronavirus.

Mass Notification Systems

Outreach and awareness are both paramount when trying to curb an outbreak. Even though large-scale notification systems are primarily used during major emergencies, they can also be a preventative and educational tool. Send essential tips, like telling students to wash their hands thoroughly and avoid touching their face, via your intercom. When there are any critical announcements, including school closures or event cancelations, use your mass notification system to let parents, students and staff know via email, text, or phone notification. There are mass notification systems that even allow you to create dedicated channels, so you can have a coronavirus one that includes important tips and updates.

Video Surveillance

How can video surveillance be used to curb what is, at times, an invisible disease? Equipped with thermal imaging technology, security cameras can be used to identify people with a fever quickly. During the outbreak, China has even flown drones around with thermal imaging to identify carriers. As you consider adding this tool to your school security system, there are some caveats. Many healthy carriers do not present symptoms right away. This type of surveillance could also create some discomfort with staff and students wary of the privacy implications involved. That is why we recommend consulting with your team before adding this to your preventative steps. 

Be sure your school is doing everything possible to prevent coronavirus with these tips from your local security experts. Let us help you pick out the ideal features to boost the health of your staff and students. Give us a call at (877) 418-ASAP, fill out our contact form or chat with us below to set up a one-on-one meeting with our staff.