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Are You Really Optimizing Your Access Control Solution?

Avoid these Common Unnecessary Costs and Underutilized Features

Are You Really Optimizing Your Access Control Solution?

Ever wonder if the access control solution you’re using in your Bellaire, TX business, school or healthcare facility is genuinely giving you your money's worth? This blog highlights some common ways we've seen access control systems not used to their full potential.

In some cases, we’ve seen people tricked into buying more than they need. Other times, they’re not aware certain features are available or the best way to integrate them. Since access control is such a comprehensive solution, there are a lot of examples of this. Below are the most common ones.

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Software Licenses

A common issue we see in access control solutions has to do with the purchase of software licenses. Users need to buy ‘seats’ for the people that want to use the access control management tools. The problem is that many people think this means that anyone that will use the system needs their own license. Costs can escalate quickly when taking this approach.

Those added costs are unnecessary with many companies like RS2 with concurrent licensing models. This means that multiple accounts can work at the same time without having to pay additional money. During your installation, let us know who you’d like to use the system and we’ll advise you on the number of ‘seats’ you’ll need to purchase for your team.

Sound Alerts

Most access control solutions give you the ability to incorporate sound alerts for everyday events like a door staying open, a door being forced open, or incorrect access codes. Each of these requires a very different response or even none at all. Yet many users end up using the same generic tone for all of them.

Instead, we recommend using audio files that make it immediately clear what is happening. Since you don’t have to check the security system to gauge the situation, it's easier to respond as needed. We recommend using custom tones and even voice recordings for high-priority events. These voice recordings could tell employees to call the authorities, evacuate, or lock down. 

Automated Reporting

One way to embrace a proactive access control solution is through automated reporting features. Top security personnel, as well as your property managers, should receive ongoing reports on your access control solution. These include keycards/fobs being used, when they are used, and a summary of any incidents reported during the determined period.

Along with these overarching reports, there should also be a designated group of people that receive alerts on their phones or email daily. Your security installer will let you choose when you want to receive alerts. These can range from emails any time someone uses their security code to only when a security alarm goes off.

The best way to get the most out of your access control solution is to work with a professional. Each property is unique, so you don’t want to settle for a generic system. Not only do we ensure you only get the features you need, but we’ll train on the best way to use them all. Set up a meeting with our team by calling (877) 418-ASAP, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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