5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Surveillance Cameras

Make Sure to Follow These Steps When Adding Commercial Surveillance

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Surveillance Cameras

How can you optimize your commercial surveillance system to protect your Rio Grande Valley, TX, property more efficiently? With so many camera options and features available, it can be challenging to figure out the best fit for your company. As you prepare to add security cameras to your space, the more information you have, the better you’ll be able to match your unique needs. While those vary from one area to another, it's essential to know the basics of a successful system. Once you have a good starting point, it will help you figure out which hardware and design make the most sense for you.

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Upgrade to HD or 4K Video Resolution

Magically enhancing blurry images through special software is something that only happens in movies. To obtain valuable footage from your security cameras, you need 4K or HD video resolution. High resolution is vital not only in obtaining clear images to identify license plates and faces but also in being able to zoom in more thoroughly. Each time you zoom in, there will be a slight reduction in quality so the higher the resolution or pixel count you begin with, the more you can review essential details as needed.

Be Mindful of Your Camera Placement

One of the most common questions we get during commercial surveillance installations is where the best camera locations are. Depending on your business type, there will be some variations, but there are certainly standard best practices to follow. During your installation, you should always cover entry points, high-risk items, parking lots, garages, and storage areas. Follow all relevant privacy laws when it pertains to hotel rooms, dressing rooms, exam rooms, or bathrooms.

Always Use the Right Type of Camera

Even though bullet cameras are most traditionally associated with commercial surveillance systems, they’re not the only option available. While bullet cameras are ideal for monitoring fixed outdoor areas, dome cameras are often a better choice for indoor applications. Aesthetically, they’re much slicker and offer wide-angle options ideal for placing them at the center of a room. Spaces with a lot of movement might also benefit from PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras that let you track problematic visitors.  

Get Remote Access to Your System

One of the most significant upgrades to commercial surveillance systems over the past decade is the ability to keep tabs on your business remotely. Use network IP cameras you can view and control (particularly PTZ models) no matter where you are. Review live and recorded footage at any time to check in on your employees and business in general. Once you link your cameras to a security system, you can receive alerts when employees arrive or if an alarm goes off.

Consider Any Special Features You Might Need

As you think more about your surveillance needs, there may be some additional features you’ll want from your security cameras. Not only can you get infrared capabilities—often included in most outdoor cameras—but also look for cameras that deal with extreme glare or brightness if that's an issue in your area. Do you worry about having too much footage to sift through? Some cameras will only record when they sense movement, so you're not stuck looking through hours of static video.

Have other concerns for your business? ASAP Security's experts can help you find the ideal surveillance system for your space. To contact one of our experts, call us at (877) 418-ASAP, fill out our contact form, or chat with one of our representatives.

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