3 Tips to Optimize Your Commercial Security Camera Installation

Get the Most from Your Commercial Surveillance System

3 Tips to Optimize Your Commercial Security Camera Installation

Video surveillance is an essential piece of protecting your business or physical premises. You can protect against the risk of theft, inventory shrinkage, intrusion, vandalism, and much more. But as with any protective measure, how it is deployed can make the difference between a very effective tool and one that may not fulfill objectives, especially when considering the cost.

ASAP Security Services is in the business of security solutions in Texas, and our deep experience with video surveillance and commercial security camera installation can help your Woodlands company maximize the benefits of this security solution. Read on for three ways to make the most of your video surveillance investment.

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Choose the Right Cameras

Commercial security cameras come in a wide range of types and resolutions. Resolution is critical when wanting to zoom in on detail, like identifying a face or license plate. Choose a higher resolution camera (like 4K or greater) to capture a wide area and be able to discern detail with digital zooming. Higher resolution also assists with video analytics, which use artificial intelligence techniques to identify faces, vehicles, and other objects. For outdoor cameras, be sure to choose based on IPX ratings, which are standards for resistance to weather and water intrusion. Night vision is also key if you want to capture footage in low light or dark areas, with thermal imaging cameras leading the way in this capability. Another feature that may be useful is pan/tilt/zoom, where cameras can pan an area, adjust their angle of view, and zoom in on motion. This may be automated based on motion triggers or remotely controlled by security personnel with monitoring software.

Camera Installation Locations

Camera installation can vary widely depending on the security objectives. You may want to monitor outside areas for employee safety or vandalism, like a parking lot. You may want to monitor all entrances to detect comings and goings and any possible intrusion attempts. Or you may monitor the interior spaces of all your premises for possible insurance or regulatory compliance needs. Regardless, you should choose the right type of camera for the particular area, whether it’s a wide fish-eye view inside or a thermal night vision camera outdoors. You should prioritize camera installation where you perceive the greatest risk. Other security measures like access control and smart alarm systems can also mitigate risks to form a cohesive security solution with cameras.

Recording Footage

You can choose to record footage 24/7 or based on incidents. For example, you may want to monitor a warehouse around the clock for safety, inventory tracking, and other reasons. However, you may want to monitor other areas for safety or security only after hours. For full-time monitoring, you will need more storage in video recording systems and perhaps more intelligent and powerful software for finding specific footage when the need arises. With incident monitoring, your cameras can trigger recording on motion, entries at specific times or locations, an alarm going off, or other occurrences. In either situation, you can also choose to use cloud backup and monitoring, where your local footage becomes available for remote viewing by you or your security staff via smart devices.

These are just a few considerations for making the most of your commercial security investment. ASAP Security Services has vast experience across Texas with sophisticated security and surveillance solutions in both the public and commercial sectors. To learn more about surveillance cameras and commercial security solutions, set up a consultation with our team by calling (877) 418-ASAP, filling out our contact form, or start a live chat with us below. We look forward to working with you!

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