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3 Situations for Using School Emergency Notification Systems

Keep students, parents, and staff informed and safe with instant communication

3 Situations for Using School Emergency Notification Systems

There are several situations in which it’s vital to get a message to as many people at your school as possible, in a hurry. Your staff, students and students’ parents all have smartphones, so why not take advantage of emergency notification systems to get that message out as fast as possible?

In seconds, you can communicate vital information to everyone in your school and anyone else who might be affected by whatever’s happened. Here are three times in the life of your Sugar Land, TX school when you’ll be grateful for emergency notification systems.

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Sometimes, despite the best efforts of meteorologists, Mother Nature defies prediction. If a tropical storm or hurricane is barreling toward your area, you can let parents know if school is canceled, where they can find shelter, if they’re in the evacuation zone, and other vital information. That information will immediately go out to everyone who needs to see it, and they’ll get it in seconds.

Similarly, there may be a weather event that forces you to evacuate your school after classes have already started. For instance, if there’s been heavy rain, there’s the possibility of flash floods. If you need to let everyone know that an evacuation order has been given, the fastest way to do that is with a mass emergency notification system. It keeps everyone informed, even if they’re not inside the school or would be otherwise unable to hear an audio announcement.


Life is full of unpredictable moments, and a school environment is no different. Maybe there’s a power or IT issue in some area of the school, or there’s been a schedule change for a major school function. There are plenty of situations when you can send out simple, compact alerts to let students and staff plan for any possible disruption to their activities.


As disheartening as it is to talk about, it’s important to be prepared for the possibility of someone showing up at your school intending to harm students, staff and others. If that happens, every second counts, and you need to get essential security information to everyone quickly.

With an emergency notification system, you can initiate lockdown procedures, evacuate certain areas if it’s prudent to do so, and tell everyone which areas to avoid. This can also keep parents apprised, which will help them keep their cool when they want all the information they can find. For an additional layer of protection, you can install a gunshot detection system that can trigger a mass alert automatically.

These situations have happened at schools throughout Texas, and they could well happen at your school. Don’t be caught unprepared. Call (877) 418-ASAP today, or visit our contact page.

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