3 Energy Sector Security Questions, Answered

Check out the answers to common commercial energy security system questions

3 Energy Sector Security Questions, Answered

Power plants are essential to our everyday lives. They generate the energy that powers every aspect of our lifestyle, so energy plant stakeholders must take precautions to protect their assets and property. If you are a facilities manager or executive at a plant, consider what security systems you have in place and if they are up-to-date and reliable. Our experts are here to answer your questions about choosing the right strategy and implementing it on your property in Texas and beyond.

Houston is a major energy corridor. Protect your energy plant in Katy, TX, with a comprehensive surveillance system. Read on to discover the answers to three common energy sector security questions.

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What kinds of energy plants need security?

Energy plants are often in remote locations, making them an easy target for vandals, robbers, and other criminals. Therefore, all types of energy plants need a comprehensive security system: 

  • Solar Plants: Photovoltaic installations are expensive and take time to implement. Video surveillance can protect your property from theft.
  • Hydroelectric Plants: Several components can be vandalized, including generators, transformers, and turbines.
  • Coal Plants: Protect your facilities from theft, vandalism, and more with a security system.
  • Nuclear Power Plants: Nuclear plants are incredibly expensive and could pose a real threat if sabotaged.
  • Wind Plants: Wind turbines are often spread out and cover large tracts of land. The cost of in-person security can be prohibitive, making video surveillance more effective.

How can an energy sector security system save money?

Replacing materials and tools is costly. Proper monitoring and management of your property mean you won’t have to waste money on damaged or stolen property. Having a security system can also reduce your liability costs. Insurance agencies are more likely to offer a lower rate to businesses with comprehensive security plans.

What features do I need in my energy sector security system?

A good surveillance system will include high-quality cameras carefully placed around your plant to ensure that there are no blind spots. Innovative video analytics systems will allow you to easily search past footage and receive alerts when something is wrong, all from an intuitive interface on your phone or other smart devices. Plus, remote access control systems give you unprecedented control of who can enter your business with personalized access codes and key card entryways. A dedicated security team will provide round-the-clock equipment status and footage monitoring for greater peace of mind a well!

Is it time for your business in the Katy area to get a security upgrade? Our experts are here to help with every step of the installation process, from initial design to monitoring and maintenance. Bring your business in the energy sector greater peace of mind and contact ASAP Security Services to discuss our surveillance solutions. Give us a call at (877) 418-ASAP or contact us online here. We would love to work with you!


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