The key to ensuring safety and security of any property and its residents is taking a proactive approach marked by regularly inspecting and carrying out maintenance services on the various systems including air conditioning, fire and security systems among others. Fire and security systems offer first line protection for any property. However, without proper security system maintenance they can become hazardous and primary sources of security and safety and vulnerability. Moreover, poorly maintained security and fires system can increase the utility bills for any establishment as they likely to breakdown more often. Adverse cases of poor maintenance and inspection can lead to fatalities for property users. Therefore, it is imperative to source for qualified and certified professionals with a solid reputation in fire and security system maintenance and installation.

Why Inspect and Maintain Your Fire and Security Systems?

There are a plethora of reasons why property owners and managers are obligated to inspect and maintain their fire and security systems.

a. Meeting compliance standards: In addition to federal safety standards, every jurisdiction has its own fire and safety standards that every property owner is required to comply with. Failure to comply with these standards can lead to property closure and costly fines and litigations.

b. Ensuring safety of property users: Poorly functioning fire and security systems are hazardous to property users. Inspection and proper security system maintenance can be the difference between avoiding personal injuries or fatalities through unforeseen accidents and facing costly litigations and damaging legal redresses.

c. Reducing energy costs: Poorly maintained fire and security systems can significantly increase the utility bills paid by property owners. When poorly maintained, security and fire systems usually add to the energy bill while property owners are forced to replace their parts or the whole system more frequently.

d. Property value addition: Properties with well-maintained security and fire systems are usually in high demand. Tenants prefer properties that perform regular security system maintenance.

e. Property protection: Properly servicing and maintaining fire and security systems ensures that all valuables stored within and around the property are secure and safe from burglars and fire. Moreover, well-maintained systems last longer.

Factors to Consider when Shopping Services Provider

It is not enough to have the intent to maintain your security and fire systems. A poorly maintained and serviced system due to shoddy and unprofessional job by the hired service provider has almost the same consequences as ignoring the whole process. When shopping for a fire and security systems service provider, there various factors to consider.

  1. Bundled service provision: Bundled service provision usually come with discounts as the company can inspect and maintain not only the fire extinguishers and fire alarm systems, they can also check the burglar alarms and the security cameras and lights. It also reduces the inconvenience of having multiple contacts and writing multiple checks for the different companies that offered the various security system maintenance services. An all-services-in-one company eliminates the need for writing approving multiple invoices for different service providers.
  2. Professional certification and experience: Efficiency and excellent service delivery is attained through years of experience in addition to professional qualifications. Experienced, qualified and certified professionals usually offer the best services, which can help in reducing the security system maintenance cost in the long run.

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Security systems and fire alarm systems are vital components of any commercial or residential property. Over the years, technological advancements have significantly changed the nature of operational challenges and issues that can inhibit the functionality of these systems. Therefore, when shopping for an inspection and maintenance service provider, it is recommended to look for professionalism. This includes the technological capabilities, experience and certification of the service provider. This will ensure that they have the technical capacity to identifying the emerging threats and breaches to security systems and come up with an effective solution.