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We all know that fire alarm and business alarm systems are required by law in residential complexes, and most people have to deal with yearly inspections focused on it as a legal matter. While you might think that a fire outbreak could never happen to you, a similar vein of thinking usually precedes the very incidents wherein a home or business is burned to the ground. Unfortunately — or maybe not — these circumstances are almost always completely avoidable with the assistance of fully functional fire alarm system installations.

The fact is, the source of a fire isn’t always a matter that can be predicted. You can keep a nose out for gas leaks, but not all sources of flammable gas are laced with the ingredient that makes it detectable to a human. You might exercise proper storage and handling procedures with the likes of propane and other flammable substances, but it doesn’t mean that a fluke isn’t in the cards for you. Accidents happen every day in the blind spots of honest and hardworking adults — it can happen to anyone. This is why it’s essential to protect your entrepreneurial investment with the necessary array of detection systems to notify you and your workforce as quickly and effectively as possible.

The Liabilities of Nonfunctional Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems

Let’s say you’re right — maybe your business doesn’t really need a business alarm or fire detection system installation to keep everyone safe within your facility after all. Even if this is the case, the law won’t necessarily sympathize and neither will the contractors who’ve chosen to take your liabilities upon their shoulders for their part in providing coverage-based services. The fact is, any facility that has working electricity and enough flammable content within feet of an outlet is already at risk of a fire.

Insurers and providers of warranty will often assess your security system inspection history and expect you to furnish them with certified evidence that your security systems are in top shape. Keep in mind that these providers offer their services based on the risk of covering their clients, and if you’re running your business out of a high-risk establishment, these contractors (who can be necessary for some businesses to function at all) may deny their services or terminate coverage altogether. If you were offering to cover hundreds of thousands in potential damages to someone’s business, would you want to contractually bind yourself to someone who clearly doesn’t care about the risks to the assets and the employees inside the facility?

The other matter is the legal one. There’s nowhere you can go to escape the ever-present requirement that legal conditions be met, and this one is no exception. If nothing else, passing under law enforcement’s radar when it comes to your fire alarm system installations will surely present a problem down the road in the event that a fire were to break out and someone — employee or customer — were to wind up injured as a result. It’s not a sound risk to take, especially with as easy as fire alarm installation and inspections of business security systems can be with ASAP Security Services.

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Streamlined, Convenient and Quick

It’s a simple process. Where some security-based firms will automate the schedule of routine maintenance visits and new installations, there are cases where the business in question will have to do things manually. Fortunately, it’s never a difficult matter when ASAP Security Services takes charge. Your fire alarm system installation and maintenance needs are a phone call away, and we’ll take care of the rest — it’s that easy to keep you and your workforce safe from harm.