ASAP Security Services is the proud security systems integrator for all of the low voltage needs for every single Spec’s Store, Office, and Distribution Center.


Zadok Master Jewelers is Houston’s Premier Fine Jewelry Store.  Security is of the utmost concern with the type of high-end inventory at this location.  That security is provided by none other than ASAP Security Services.


iHeart Media owner and operates over 850 radio stations.  The Houston Market is one of their largest markets in the country.  All of their Stations in Houston are protected by ASAP Security Services.  



Rosehill Christian School is the Premier Private Education Facility located in Northwest Houston.  ASAP Security provides all low voltage systems including fire alarm, security, intercom, voice/data networking, and video surveillance.



Video Surveillance throughout the famed Northgate District was provided and maintained by ASAP Security Services.  Further, ASAP Security is the vendor of choice for all of College Stations surveillance needs.



Theft in Retail Automotive is at an all-time high.  Thieves are more sophisticated than ever.  ASAP Security provides pro-active video monitoring utilizing the industries latest video analytics to protect the Ryan Family of Automotive Dealerships.