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Let’s Get Back to Work, Safely

The COVID-19 pandemic has created enormous challenges for any organization where people congregate, socialize, and work together. While social distancing and other measures help, accelerating the deployment of the latest advanced solutions can maintain safer and healthier workspaces, not just for the current challenge but for future ones as well. ASAP Security Services is partnering with leading U.S.-based companies to bring innovative technology solutions that you can use today. Fever screening systems can quickly determine if a visitor or worker should seek further evaluation for infection. Advanced video analytics software in high-resolution surveillance cameras can assist in enforcement of facemask wearing, social distancing, and occupancy control in workspaces. Video monitoring and access control solutions can become essential tools for contact tracing, accurately tracking movements within premises in the occurrence of an infection outbreak.


UV-C Air Purification

Ultraviolet (UV) light is scientifically acknowledged as an effective way of purifying both air and water from harmful bacteria and viruses to curb the spread of disease. UV light comes in three wavelengths, classified as A, B, and C. UV-C from natural sunlight is completely filtered by the earth’s atmosphere. UV-C is short wavelength and can kill harmful cells - like viruses - by damaging their DNA. UV-C can purify airborne viruses by irradiating the air in an unoccupied room, or it can be used in enclosed air ducts. Another beneficial effect of UV-C use in HVAC ducting is that it kills other harmful airborne contaminants like mold. When deployed in conjunction with high-quality HEPA filtration, which eliminates large particles, UV-C can be a very effective way of minimizing airborne transmission of disease in enclosed spaces.


Anti-Microbial Surface Protection Film

No one thinks about how many surfaces they touch in public places. Door handles, counters, tables, touch screens, telephones and more are routine touchpoints for people in workplaces, stores, and public spaces. It is almost impossible to keep up with constant germicidal cleaning in many places. But modern materials technology can offer solutions. An anti-microbial, multi-substrate film can be applied to surfaces to minimize the spread of germs. Silver ion technology in the film blocks humidity can prevent the development of 99% of germs for up to five years without replacement. The film is easily applicable with an integrated pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive that bonds instantly to a surface like a door handle or touchscreen kiosk. Decreasing the risk of surface transmission of bacteria and pathogens, along with other measures and precautions, helps people feel confident that they can work together safely.