What can automatic gunshot detection technology offer to school campuses?

Chief Shannon Sharp

Chief Shannon Sharp talks to KPRC Houston about ASAP Security Services

In July of 2018, ASAP Security Services attended an active shooter scenario training hosted at Splendora High School. The exercise was meant to test the response of emergency personnel in a hostile assailant situation on a school campus. The experience was extremely eye-opening thanks to the participation of volunteer students and teachers. The reality of how confusing and disorienting emergency scenarios can be for average civilians with no background training was clear.

One student who called 911 to help a ‘victim’ couldn’t remember the address of the school. When SWAT reached the entrance of the school, they were not sure which wing of the school to check first. One group of students never even heard the multiple guns that were fired up and down the hallways.

The margin for human error in these situations is large and can cost lives.

Shortly after the training, ASAP demonstrated their gunshot detection system in the school. In many instances, the automatic detection addressed many of these issues. The ability to send a pinpoint location inside the school will let emergency services know exactly where the shooting was occurring. Broadcasted messages over intercoms would alert students and staff who may not know about the unfolding event. Facial recognition software could immediately identify the shooter and track their movements throughout the school.

The school gunshot detection system was tested with live fire in a variety of calibers, and it was even tested to see if it could be triggered with a false positive (it did not). In attendance for the demonstration were school administrators, law enforcement, and local news station KPRC.

Check out the video below to see what attendees thought of the event:

ASAP Security Services has made it a priority to be at the forefront of gunshot detection system technology for schools. In these troubling times, nothing is more important than saving kids lives. We want to bring those resources to as many campuses as possible.

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