Service is in our name for a reason.

ASAP Security Services started with a single truck performing service.  Today, we are a dramatically different commercial alarm company with a rich history of servicing Texans dating back to 1947.

With multiple offices located all throughout the state we are able to serve our clients with our own forces, and don’t rely on upon subcontractors.  This helps us control the quality of our security installations and the service we provide.  ASAP Security is one of the largest privately held systems integration companies and we are not influenced by outside investors just trying to deliver profits for shareholders.  We not only specialize in systems integration, but that is what we do.  We are not an air conditioning or building automation company trying to do security.

With ASAP Security, you are Always Secure and Always Protected.

Our technicians are some of the most highly experienced and highly trained in the industry.  Our customers expect us to be experts in what we do.  So, as a commercial alarm company, we hold weekly hands on training, apprenticeships, and factory certification.  Our experience spans every major vertical from retail, residential, hospitality, healthcare, education, government, and oil and gas.  Our work often extends outside the office to executive and employee homes and we have been trusted with the honor of securing some of the country’s highest profile individuals.  All of our executive management team started in the field and brings not just management experience, but real world experience to the table as well.

Why our customers trust ASAP for their security needs

“They have hearts of gold. They are so trustworthy, so reliable.”

Brooke Robertson
ASAP client

“Mike, ASAP, Steve, David Dalorez, Daniel, they care.”

Ryan Kirkpatrick
Ryan Ford, Sealy TX
ASAP client

“The biggest thing, not only is the system much, much, better, is Steve and Daniel were very much reliable and I can call on them.”

Scott Hansen
ASAP client