Make your home a smart home today!

Imagine a home that gives you complete control over temperature, lighting, security, entertainment and more, even when you are away. Take control of your home’s energy management and safety with an intelligent home automation system that lets you lead a convenient and simplified life. We are a certified distributor and installer of the leading home control system – Savant. This smart home security and automation system uses a centralized operating system that enables homeowners to monitor and control security, video surveillance, audio and video, lighting, doors, pool/spa, climate, and even irrigation systems from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Home automation lets you have full home awareness and control of all of your home technologies with one simple device. At the center of every Savant home is a hub that moderates communications between you and all your home automation products. We consolidate all your electronics into one easy-to-navigate menu so that you enjoy the ease of using a single wireless device to control your entire home. Our qualified and knowledgeable technicians meet with you to discuss your home automation requirements and develop a solution that is personalized for you. As an authorized dealer of Savant technology, we can provide information and get you started with the features you need first and then help you expand your system over time with ease.

Your home is your safe haven. Now you can keep it comfortable with a single tap on a mobile device. Enhance your property, maintain comfort, improve safety, and contribute to saving on energy bills with the revolutionary Savant home automation system. Contact us today for more information about our automation systems and other products we have for your home, or request a quote to have us provide a solution that is tailored to your home’s needs. We are happy to help you start enjoying the automated lifestyle that makes your home more comfortable, enjoyable and secure.

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