Most buildings have fire alarm and security systems built in as part of their initial construction not only as a matter of individual safety, but also to stay in line with local ordinances. Most residential, commercial and even industrial sites are required to have fire alarms that are routinely inspected and maintained by trained professionals to ensure they’re deemed safe for public use. In addition, structures also have a maximum occupant capacity as well as a floor plan that accommodates a secondary means of evacuating the premises in the event of a fire or other catastrophe.

Depending on the specific line of business — take banking and secure transportation services, for example — there may be hard requirements on surveillance systems as well. Of course, these security systems are relied upon in order for contingency plans to be effective, which can save lives and valuable assets. What’s the use of an escape circuit if the sensors and alarms aren’t in working shape? And since many of them use backup batteries, those also have to be checked for consistency.

This is why it’s essential for everyone, especially business owners, to stay up to date with their security system inspections. This is often a necessity to keep your business up to date with required laws and regulations. Keep in mind that it’s not enough to rely on your own powers of observation to prevent vandalism or a fire outbreak, and neither the insurance companies nor the court of law will place confidence in your own eyes and ears alone. In the modern era, everybody takes one fact for granted: Well-maintained security systems are the guardian angels that silently ensure the safety of your facility.

Alarm Inspections Protect Your Business

Aside from just being common sense, there’s a short list of compelling reasons to ensure that your security and fire alarms are inspected:

1. Your insurance may not cover you without acceptable proof of regulated security measures. 

Remember that insurers look for liabilities when assessing your eligibility for coverage. Even if you’re eligible with less-than-adequate protection, your premium is likely to be very costly, which means your business could suffer from excessive overhead costs of upkeep.

2. You’ll stay within any legal ordinances requiring that your point of business has ample security measures in effect.

In addition, should anything happen on your property, security cameras will be relied upon to tell the whole story. If your business security cameras aren’t working and the smoke detectors are using dry batteries, you might have a legal situation in the making unless you get these checked out.

3. Healthy security systems will keep your business operating within all compliance standards.

If the security and fire protection systems on your property don’t pass the mark for safety, you could lose licenses or breach contracts pertaining to warranties, service agreements and other essentials for a successful entrepreneurial environment. Don’t fall behind on your fire alarm and security inspections.

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Inspections: Easy, Quick and Worthwhile

The best part about inspections is that there is usually very little to do on your part. With ASAP Security Services, the inspections can be set on an automated schedule, and if the need for replacements or installations crops up during those visits, we handle those updates and inform you of any needed work. Otherwise, the most you’ll have to do is call ASAP Security Services to perform the necessary steps that keep your business inside safe and legal regulations.

Neglecting to care for your security equipment is a serious liability for not only your business, but also any customers or employees who are present on the property. For your sake and theirs, inspections should be considered a high priority that are looked forward to. It’s about more than just peace of mind — it’s a necessity for general upkeep.