Proactive and risk-mitigating security measures are getting increasing attention in the current climate where we regularly hear about catastrophic events involving active shooter scenarios.  It’s difficult enough to worry about security from an asset protection standpoint, but companies, educational facilities, and even the average homeowner are now looking for ways to safeguard themselves against more than a burglary.  ASAP Security Services’ gunshot detection systems can help.

Gunshot Detection Systems: More Widely Available

While gunshot detection systems saw their genesis outdoors, being used tactically by the military or police, today there is a surge in interest from companies, government buildings, resorts, airports, event stadiums, healthcare, and educational facilities that have decided to make gunshot detection systems a part of their approach to security.

Gunshot Detection, Analytics, and Protection

When it comes to commercial security, companies no longer simply look to law enforcement after the fact. People are getting proactive about perceived shooter-based threats, particularly in locations with a lot of square footage and with a large number of people at risk.  Technology used in gunshot detection for military and police is now being integrated into security solutions for schools, homes, hospitals, businesses, even neighborhoods with high crime rates. Not only can this technology detect the precise location of gunshots and quickly send data to people who need to know (your security department, your monitoring company, law enforcement), but it can quickly gather and then send valuable data about the gunshots, too. And if you have an integrated security system at the location, it can even help minimize the impact the shooter can have through triggering additional security measures the instant gunfire happens.

What’s Your Plan to Minimize Risk from Armed Individuals?

You want to ensure you use access systems and, in some cases, gatekeepers as well as surveillance and monitoring, but do you have a plan for mitigating risk in case a shooter gets past your gate or gatekeeper? Of course we want to prevent a shooter from gaining access, but we also need to make sure that if they do succeed, we have resources to minimize loss of life.

Gunshot detection systems are experiencing a surge in interest as law enforcement and security companies strive to find ways to combat the growing problem of mass shootings.

When a security threat occurs in a large building, gunshot detection technology can not only help pinpoint the exact area of gunfire, but in could even have the potential to be integrated with security, security cameras, and access control systems to isolate a shooter and prevent that individual from moving further into a building or area.

Advanced systems leverage technology that analyzes acoustic signatures to identify the type of weaponry in use, aiding law enforcement not only in halting an active shooting event, but in their investigations process after the fact. Today’s gunshot detection technology has as a high success rate in avoiding false alerts due to the way the technology works, analyzing acoustics to differentiate a gunshot or explosion from a loud bang.

More About How Gunshot Detections Systems Work

Acoustic, infrared, and optical sensors can be used for indoor or outdoor gunshot detection.  They can alert security personnel, your monitoring company, and law enforcement, providing quick and detailed information about the location, weapon(s) used, the number of shots fired, and other data that will be invaluable while the event is occurring as well as after the fact, for the investigations process.

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We provide sales and installation of gunshot detection technology suited to your exact needs. In addition to gunshot detection systems, we also offer security monitoring and notification, access control solutions, mass notification systems, and other integrated automation solutions that provide multiple layers of protection and peace of mind.

ASAP Security Services is a Houston-based security solutions provider with scalable offerings designed to suit your needs. We would be happy to provide you with information for commercial, industrial, or residential security offerings.  In addition to sales and installation, ASAP Security service offerings can also include inspections and ongoing maintenance, too.

With 60+ years of expertise serving Houston and the surrounding area, we would be pleased to talk to you about providing your home or business with security, surveillance, gunshot detection, and / or automation systems.  Contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

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