Technology meets the growing need for protection in active shooter scenarios.

It seems that a month does not go by without a tragic headline in the national news. As of this post, there have been 40 mass shooting deaths in America in the first 6 months of 2018 alone¹. While the debate roars on over gun and mental health policy to prevent these tragedies, there still lies an important immediate need: protecting people.

These shocking events have do not discriminate in location. Active shooter scenarios have taken place at schools, workplaces, places of worship, truly anywhere. We are left asking ourselves, “how do we secure these locations we have daily interaction with?”

Tech is evolving to meet these crises. Our partner, Eagl Technology, has developed the Gunshot Detection & Lockdown System which acts at the very beginning of an emergency situation. When a weapon has been fired, monitoring systems register the sound and energy of the gunshot which triggers the lockdown system. Most importantly, it immediately notifies law enforcement of the location of the shooter inside the building and what caliber gun was fired. Eagl has done extensive research and data entry, creating a bank of these sound waves to ensure no false alarms cause the system to react.

This device can be fully integrated with existing security measures such as intercoms, digital banners, key card access doors, and emergency notification systems to maximize the safety of those inside the building.

In June, ASAP Security Services hosted a live demonstration of this technology. In attendance were personnel from local school districts, law enforcement agencies, and even former representative Steve Toth. All were eager to learn how this system could benefit their organization.

The unfortunate reality is we cannot prevent all incidents. But we can implement systems that will respond immediately in those crucial seconds and save lives. Read more about gunshot detection here and let us know if you would like to schedule a live demonstration. Call us at 877-418-2727 or email at


¹Berkowitz, B. Lu, D. Alcantara, C. (2018, June 29). Mass Shootings In America.

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