The Top 4 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Bullet-Resistant Film

How bullet-resistant film adds a layer of security at your business

The Top 4 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Bullet-Resistant Film

It’s an unfortunate truth in our society, but gun violence happens every day. And there are times when homes and businesses are targeted. Even though a gun detection system at your business will alert you of a potential threat, with bulletproof glass, you can take on a preventive approach. 

In addition, by adding bullet-resistant film to glass windows, you prevent glass from shattering, which causes collateral damage to building occupants. But bullet-resistant glass film can offer other benefits as well. Read on to discover the top four reasons your business in Dallas, TX, needs it. 

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1. Resists Heavy Impacts

Accidents happen without notice. But it is your responsibility to prepare for all unforeseen circumstances, especially if your business experiences heavy foot traffic from visitors, customers, and employees. 

A heavy blow to the window is the cause of glass-breaking accidents in most cases. While standard glass can easily break upon sustaining an impact, with bullet-resistant film, your glass doesn’t shatter, even if it’s damaged. The film holds glass shards in place, preventing glass from harming people or damaging surfaces. 

2. Delays Theft and Break-Ins

While having a security system in place can stop crimes to an extent, they still occur. Particularly, if your office has many glass windows, seasoned criminals could mark it as an easy target, as breaking and entering is relatively easier. 

But when you have bullet-resistant glass film, it makes it more difficult for criminals to force their way in. Because the glass doesn’t shatter, the intruder will need to break the window multiple times to create access. While the delay time is only a few minutes, it buys time for your employees, security team, and authorities to respond. 

3. Protects from Weather Damage

Extreme weather conditions, and even a stray rock flung from a lawn mower, can cause damage to the glass. From strong winds and hail storms to falling branches, Mother Nature can break glass windows and doors, which affects the workflow of your employees and even your project deadlines. 

But with bullet-resistant film, your business can stay operational as these films are much stronger and can withstand environmental damage. While you may need to replace the window, you won’t have to worry about harm to people or property within the building. 

4. Reduces Energy Bills

Everybody wants to reduce their energy bills. Most windows offer some form of insulation, such as two-pane glass. Even then, the summer sun can heat up a room quickly. However, tinted bullet-resistant film helps to regulate the internal temperature of your office space more efficiently throughout the year, ultimately reducing your energy bills. This makes these films vital to security and an effective way to boost energy efficiency at your business. 

Boost business security and protect your Dallas, TX, office from crimes and damages by adding bullet-resistant film. ASAP Security Services can help you with the integration. Start your project today by speaking to our experts. Call (877) 418-ASAP or click here to fill out an easy online contact form for more details.


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